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Gabry was established in 2012, located in Xuzhou glass industry park, who is engaged in glassware design, manufacturing, packaging. Factory has more than 6000 square meters production plant, modern standard workshop and warehouses, two 4m³all-gas furnace, 8 fully automatic production line, with annual output of various glass bottles 50,000 tons. Gabry has thrived and evolved in time, and is now a one-stop solution for all glass packaging products and service needs.


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Gabry is dedicated to providing all of our clients with high quality products, product range covers beverage and liquor bottles, food packing bottles, medicine bottles and other related products, Products are certified by ISO, SGS, FDA etc., all production processes are strictly accordance with the quality system, we firmly believe that quality is the first vitality for maintaining and developing enterprise. We are here to serve you and make your products look their best.
Our customers come from around the world and include industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical / health and wellness / personal care and chemical / industrial. We service customers of all levels - from the customer just developing their product to the customer purchasing volume quantities.


Gabry offers a compelling suite of turnkey solutions to address your individual needs, help eliminate impediments to growth, and capture best-practices for you.

We offer these services to help you Package More Profit by increasing your sales, reducing your costs, and improving your productivity.